Best Braun 380S4 Battery Replacement

  • Best Braun 380S4 Battery Replacement
  • Best Braun 380S4 Battery Replacement
  • Best Braun 380S4 Battery Replacement
  • Best Braun 380S4 Battery Replacement
  • Best Braun 380S4 Battery Replacement
  • Best Braun 380S4 Battery Replacement
  • Best Braun 380S4 Battery Replacement
  • Best Braun 380S4 Battery Replacement

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Braun razor Replacement Foil & Cutter Cassette 5414 5610 5612 360 380 5877 5775 5770 31B shaving heads

Did you know? You shave the equivalent of a football pitch every 18 months. Shaver foils and cutterblock are precision parts that, in time, are subject to wear. This wear is dependent on your shaving method and beard type. To maintain optimal shaving performance you should clean the shaving parts regularly with Braun cleaning agents and consider replacing the foil and cutterblock every 18 months. This foil and cutter is suitable for the following shavers: 5000,5315, 5414,5415,5416,5417,5418,5427,5441,5443,5444,5446,5455,5476,5478,5483,5484,5497, 5504,5505,5515,5520, 5610,5611,5612,5613,5663, 5704,5705,5720,5721,5723,5724,5735,5736,5738,5739,5770,5771,5773,5774,5775,5776,5790, 5873,5874,5875,5876,5877,5884,5887,5888,5895,5897

Braun 3Series 340S-4 Wet & Dry Shaver

Product Description

The Braun Series 3 electric shaver is the latest generation of Braun’s Series 3 foil razors. The Series 3 shavers are specifically designed for guys who don’t want to compromise. Thanks to its improved technology, the new Series 3 electric razor not only delivers even better shaving performance on 3-day beards, but is also incredibly smooth on skin.

From the Manufacturer

Braun Series 3 – 340s

Made for the man who wants to shave his own way, the Braun 340s electric shaver performs in and out of the shower. The 340s works with shaving foams and gels letting you customize its performance for improved comfort in every shave. Designed to make short work of a three-day beard, the shaver’s SensoFoil technology glides across your skin for added comfort and control. Adaptable and versatile, the 340s easily integrates into any man’s shaving routine.

Braun. Designed to make a difference.

Braun At-A-Glance

  • Improved Performance on 3-day beards with Triple Action FreeFloat System
  • Experience a more efficient, close shave with SensoFoil technology
  • Shave both long and short hair with the Triple Action Cutting System
Braun Series 3 - 340s Shaver

Braun Series 3 – 340s Shaver
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SensoFoil Technology
Optimized foil cuts hair more efficiently for an easy shave

Triple Action Cutting System

Triple Action Cutting System
3 special cutting elements shave long hair as easily as short hair

Precision Long Hair Trimmer

Precision Long Hair Trimmer
Specially designed to trim your sideburns, moustache or beard

100% Waterproof and Fully Washable

100% Waterproof and Fully Washable
The fully-sealed body can be used with shaving foams and gels in the shower

LED Display

LED Display
Updates the battery level and charging status

Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable Battery
Powerful Ni-MH battery does not suffer from “memory effect” of repeated charges

What’s In The Box

  • Series – 340s shaver
  • Cleaning brush
  • SmartPlug (100V-240V)

Accessories For This Shaver (340s)

Braun Series 3 - 30B (7000/4000 series) Foil & Cutter

(7000/4000 series)
Foil & Cutter

Comparison Table

Men's Solo Electric Shavers 320s
Intelligent Pulsonic Technology
Triple Action FreeFloat System
Triple Action Cutting System
Contour Adaptive Shaving Head
100% Waterproof and Fully Washable
Battery Status LED LED LED LED
Precision Long Hair Trimmer
Quick Charge For One Single Shave
Wet & Dry
3 Personalization Modes
Lockable Head
Travel Pouch

Product FAQs

What’s the difference between foil and rotary shavers?
Rotary shavers are designed to work with cyclical movements while Braun foil shavers are designed to work with efficient sideways movements on the skin giving perfect control and precision. The foils protect the skin from irritation and are specifically designed to deliver the most thorough and comfortable shave from Braun.

I already have a cleaning station from my previous Braun shaver (Pulsonic or Synchro). Can I use it with the Series 3 shaver?
No, the Series 3 Clean & Renew System is the latest model from the Braun Clean & Renew line and can’t be used with previous shaver models. The latest Clean & Renew System provides you with the best technology available in a cleaning & charging system.

Do you have any recommendation on how to shave with an electric foil shaver?
We recommend that you shave before you take a shower. After a few days without shaving, for example during the weekend, you should trim your stubble before you shave. Stretch the skin and shave against the direction of beard growth. Hold the shaver at a right angle (90°) to your skin. Keep the pressure even to achieve the most thorough and comfortable shave from Braun.

How often do I need to change the shaver head?
We recommend replacing all cutter parts every 18 months. We included a replacement part indicator in the display to ensure you know when to exchange the cutter parts, in order for your shaver to always stay at 100% performance.

Braun Series 3 32S Foil & Cutter Replacement Head, Compatible with Models 3000s, 3010s, 3040s, 3050cc, 3070cc, 3080s, 3090cc

Style Name:32S

Product Description

Get your shaver back to 100% performance with the Braun Series 3 32s replacement head. Braun recommends changing your shaver’s blades every 18 months to maximize shaving performance and comfort. With this shaver head you will get back to the superior close shave you have come to expect from Braun. Get more details on razor heads at

Braun replacement foil & cutter blocks help to maintain your shaver’s maximum performance. Braun recommends changing your shaver’s blades every 18 months as the cutting parts will gradually wear out over time, and your shave may become less close and comfortable. After replacing them you get back 100% of your shaver’s performance.

Product Overview

Comparision Table

Foil & Cutter Accessories


Cassette Accessories

The World of Braun

Since its inception in 1921, Braun has challenged the very conventions that define design. State-of-the-art technological innovations are wrapped in pure artistry, honoring both the passion and precision of the ultimate shaving experience. Our unique goal is to create those select products that make a difference in people’s lives. Products that engage and excite, creating a “Braun moment” in their own unique way. For men, that effort begins by creating shavers and trimmers that enhance their best look. For women, we strive to engineer epilators and hair care products that pair performance and comfort. This is how Braun goes beyond design to become something more. 

Braun. Designed to make a difference. 

Braun 32S Shaver Replacement Foil Cassette – Silver

Pack include 1X Braun 32S, Foil Fits Braun Series 3 Triple Action Free Float shavers.Blades should be replaced every few months For optimum performance, clean regularly with the Braun Clean&Renew system. Package content: 1 x Braun 32S Pack foil

HQRP 49x17mm Battery Works with Braun Oral-B Triumph ProCare 9900 9500 9400 9000 3731 Toothbrush Replacement + HQRP Coaster

NiMh 1.2V AA 1650/1700 mAh Shaver battery with solder tabs for Braun, Norelco, Remington shaver models

Ref compatible models: Norelco 5810XL, 5811XL, 5814XL, 6945XL, 7110X, 7115X, 7120XL, 7140XL 7145XL, 7180XL, 7183XL, 7240XL, 7260XL, 7310XL, 7315XL 7325XL, 7340XL, 7345XL, 7350XL, 7800XLCC8250XL, 8251XL 8260XL; Remington Models: R-650S, R-450S Order Quantity of Two for Remington Models: R-600, R-9170, R-9190, R-9270, R-9370, R-9100 R-9200, R-9250, R-9290, R-9300, R-9350, R-9500, R-TCT, WDF-5000 MS-280, MS-290, MS-900, MS2-280, MS2-290 MS2-280, MS2-390, MS-5100, MS-5200, MS-5500, MS-5700, MS-5800; Fits Braun Models: Action Line, EP50, EP60, EP80, EP100, 540, 570 3510, 3511, 3512, 3520, 3525, 3610, 3612, 3614 3615, 3770, 4501, 4502, 4502, 4504, 4505, 4508 4509, 4510, 4515, 4520, 4525, 4550, 5311, 5311, 5312 5312, 5314, 5314, 5317, 5317, 5414, 5415, 5416 5417, 5427, 5443, 5444, 5446, 5525, 5510, 5515 5520, 5525, 5550, 6510, 6512, 6515, 6520, 6522 6525, 6550, 7497, 7504, 7505, 7510, 7514, 7516 7515, 7520, 7493, 7520, 7526, 7511, 7540, 7546 7630, 7640, 7650, 7765, 7785, 7790 8970, 8975, 8985, 8986, 8987, 8990, 8991, 8995 Single Battery Versions of Models: 150, 155, 1501, 1507, 1508, 1509, 1512 255, 259, 2540, 2540S, 2560 2500, 2501, 2505, 2514, 2515, 2520, 2525, 2530 4502, 4504, 4505, 4508, 4509, 5312, 5315, 5316 Please verify your shaver uses 1 or 2 cells and matches the capacity and chemistry to this cell. Note: most shavers will require soldering to the circuit board – you will need the right tools and expertise to install this pack. Simple instructions included with the packing slip to ease installation. Replacing the battery alone may not fix the problem – if the shaver indicator lights do not come on, the circuit board may be defective and the shaver may require replacement. PICTURE IS ONLY APPROX REPRESENTATION OF THE ITEM – COLOR AND APPEARANCE MAY CHANGE DUE TO MFR.

4.5AH Replace for iRobot Roomba Battery 14.4V R3 500 600 700 800 900 Series Robot Vacuum GERIT BATT

4000mAh Replacement for Dyson V7 Battery Compatible with Dyson 21.6v V7 Motorhead Pro Trigger Animal Car+Boat Vacuum Cleaner

Style:V7 Battery 4000mAh

Advantage: This Battery Perfectly Match Your Dyson Handheld Vacuum Cleaner V7 with high quality

1、This Dyson 21.6 volt Replacement Battery is Designed for Dyson Vacuum Cleaner V7. It is a kind of Li-on Rechargeable battery,you can carry it anywhere anytime, convenient to use.
2、And it has no memory effect. Can be charged or discharged as needed without loss of capacity.
3、The functions are the same as the OEM battery . Uses the highest quality cells, safe with rapid-charge technology while providing overcharge and overdischarge protection to increase the life of the battery

Charging Tips:
1. The blue light of the battery part flashes, indicating that the power is full, yellow appears to indicate that the battery temperature is too low or too high, it needs to be recharged for a while. and flashing red indicates a battery fault.

2. Please don’t use the vacuum or press the battery button during charging,if not,it’ll damage the battery.

3. Keep the battery Clean before charge,store it in a clean, dry, cool place away from heat and metal objects. Don’t leave the battery dormant for long periods of time,We recommend using the battery at least once every two to three weeks. Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries will self-discharge during storage, remember to recharge the batteries before use.

4. Always remove battery pack from your tool when you are assembling parts, making adjustments, cleaning, or when not being used for an extended time.

Fit for Dyson Model:
for Dyson v7 animal cordless stick vacuum
for Dyson v7 motorhead pro
for Dyson v7 trigger
for Dyson v7 animal
for Dyson v7 car+boat

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